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The Junior Fitness Program at Glenpointe Spa & Fitness is open to boys and girls between the ages of 13-18 years.

*One-on-one training with a certified personal trainer
*Open to members
*Sessions include cardio, strength, and endurance
*Sessions geared toward fitness level of each student
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Like all other age groups in the United States, obesity in teenagers is on the rise. High school physical education requirements have been minimized, while many school lunches are often high in calories and low in nutrition.

Many teens deal with high stress and poor body image. Young people often turn to unhealthy and even dangerous fad diets to try and conform to the ideals presented by the media, by peer pressure and in advertising. In the face of all this, overweight teens and their parents are turning to personal trainers for help in instilling healthy habits and setting safe weight loss goals.
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The benefits of hiring a personal trainer are many. Having expert advice to create individual plans and realistic goals for fitness, nutrition and weight loss is invaluable over one’s lifetime. Personal trainers can provide motivation and accountability to help teens reach their goals while teaching them the proper ways of exercising to prevent muscle strain and injury.

A good trainer will educate your teen about the problems with quick weight loss and provide a voice of reason against the torrent of misinformation from peers and the media on unhealthy fad diets.

For more information about the Junior Fitness Program for teens, fill out the form below and select Junior Fitness, or we invite you to call our Teaneck gym at (201) 836-5400.

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