Find Mind and Body Balance with Yoga
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Through gentle stretches and poses, yoga group exercise at our Teaneck gym brings peace to your mind, strength to your body, and balance to your being. Led by a certified instructor, yoga brings body awareness to the forefront as you focus on breathing, moving, and meditating.

At Glenpointe Spa & Fitness, you’ll find a variety of yoga styles from which to choose, including Vinyasa, Iyengar, and restorative.
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Your age, fitness level, and health won’t matter in a yoga class. You can move at your own pace – slowly, if needed – or challenge yourself to renewed strength and energy.

Heighten your balance, endurance, and peace of mind. Try a yoga class at our gym in Teaneck with a free, 3-day trial membership.

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We care about your health, and we care about our community.
At Glenpointe Spa & Fitness in Teaneck, our team wants to help you succeed!

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