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What is Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me classes in the pool are a fun relaxing way to acclimate your child to the pool and get comfortable in the water. Swimming is an amazing way to socialize, exercise the brain, and strengthen muscles. Come and join the fun and help your child get started on a lifetime of enjoyment in the water. Mommy & Me swim classes are held throughout the year, usually in 6 to 8-week program cycles. To find out our up to date schedule, please contact the club.

Mommy & Me FAQ

Q: What are the benefits of having Mommy & me in the water?

  • A: Studies show that babies who are introduced to the water at an early age tend to be more self-confident and smart.

Q: Can my husband or my mom bring my baby when I’m unable to?

  • A: Absolutely, it’s a great way for dads to connect with their little ones.

Q: Does having my baby in the water at an early age help with motor skills?

  • A: Swimming at an early age can help babies develop muscles which can improve motor skills and coordination. Kicking movements engage the core and can help kids learn how to coordinate both sides of their bodies to move through the water

Q: I have a 2 year old that is very shy but loves the water, would you recommend Mommy & me for him/her?

  • A: “Water play” allows children to explore and interact with each other, discovering new experiences with different things in shared spaces and offers a great opportunity for social development

Q: What is the temperature of the water in the pool during Mommy & me classes?

  • A: Our pool is kept between 84-85 degrees.

Q: Does your facility provide towels and shower amenities?

  • A: Yes we provide showers, shower amenities and towels, but we still recommend bringing bath products for babies, due to the fact that babies have sensitive and delicate skin.

Q: What is the child to instructor ratio?

  • A: The class has no more than (6) parent/child participants.

Q: When are the classes held?

  • A: The classes currently are held Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:15am – 10:00am.  The days and times are subject to change.

Q: How deep is the pool?

  • A: The depth of our pool is from 3ft to 5ft.

Q: What ages is the program for?

  • A: For kids ages 6 months to 2.5 years

Q:  Is the program open to members only?

  • A: The program is open to both members and guests, however members will receive special member rates.

Q: How do I register?

You can register by contacting our Program Manager

Phone (201) 836-5400 ext. 115 or email:

Mommy & Me

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