Aquatics at Gym in Teaneck

Swimming is a lifelong and lifesaving skill that is a necessity for every child or adult. At Glenpointe Spa & Fitness, we offer a swimming program for any ability and any interest level. Whether you have a child that wants to swim, you’re an adult who wants to learn or improve on your strokes, or you simply want you or your child to become a better and safer swimmer, we have a program that will accommodate any swimming level. Our swim lessons are taught by some of the best instructors in the area using a unique and innovative teaching system in a private setting.

Watching your child discover the water for the first time is an incredible experience. Our Mommy and Me program offers you or a caregiver the opportunity to participate in the water with your child as one of our skilled instructors guides the lesson. Sessions are progressively designed to give your child a greater sense of comfort, confidence, and safety in the water. Lessons focus on readying your child for parent-less participation.

If your little one is ready to make the jump to parent-less instruction and more independent swimming, then private lessons is the nest step for them. One of our highly trained instructors guides the lesson through a variety of fun games and activities to help your child become comfortable swimming on their own. Lessons emphasize perfecting flutter kicking to give your swimmer the ability and confidence to propel themselves both above and below the water’s surface. Your child will become very confident with independent submersion and underwater exploration.

Kids Swim Lessons

Swimming lessons for children are available 7 days a week at Glenpointe Spa & Fitness. Lessons by our Red Cross-certified swimming instructors provide one-on-one training for 30 minutes. Call our gym in Teaneck at (201) 836-5400 to schedule swim lessons or ask about schedules and applicable fees.

Adult Swim Lessons

Glenpointe Spa & Fitness also offers a full range of adult swimming lessons from beginner swimmer to advanced swimmer.
This program is unlike any other swim program. If you have ever taken adult swimming lessons before and felt that something is missing, you were right. We will fill in the gaps, and you will be amazed. Besides learning basic strokes and skill, you’ll also learn:
  • How to stay in control in the water
  • How to minimize and eventually eliminate feelings of panic
  • How to let the skills of swimming come easily and naturally

Kids Swim

Glenpointe Spa & Fitness offers Kids Swim as a way for our young swimmers to put into practice what they’ve learned in private swim lessons. Nothing goes better together than kids and water, and we set aside specific times and days for our young swimmers to enjoy the water.

This program is exclusive to members, and we find that parents participate with their children in this popular program. You can access the program details by clicking below to download our program synopsis.

Q&A for Kids Swim

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